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knowledge is definitely a scheme in acquiring knowledge or skills through education or experience; Theoretical or practical understanding.

Knowledge is meant for all nevertheless the level at which you are or the level at which you see your self in life, in your work place, in school or among your peers. Knowledge to me is the desire to acquire skills.There is a saying which says ‘A man who ask questions never misses the road’ that is what i call knowledge.

How do we acquire that KNOWLEDGE? We can’t just say we acquire knowledge by what we learn in school or what we learn at our place but rather knowledge is basically the desire to go an extra mile to know what you are been taught in school or at your work place cause you can never limit your self on what you already know but on what you don’t known in which you are ready to know. Knowledge can never be lost or useless but rather not used in where it is been required. So now we can only acquire knowledge by going an extra mile to acquire such knowledge. So by doing so we have to able to make researches rather than wasting our time on things which are not necessary in life.

Nobody is considered dull but instead that person is not ready to move up at level he/she is, or Not ready to study or acquire knowledge. You can never limit your self on what your been taught in school  but rather  finding more concrete facts on what your been taught. That is why in class your teacher can teach you 2+2=4 But in your exam what you will see is not what she taught you but rather something different but similar for example 200+300 ?. So i tell you Knowledge is never limited as i say ‘a man who asks questions never misses road’

Knowledge is the ‘KEY’