Men Do Cry LOOL!!

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Article

hoe men cry

Yeah we all know men don’t really cry, it can be hard for a man to shed a tear because of all the stuff we’ve been through, but really, WE CRY!

Women show their pain mostly by shedding tears and stuff, but imma explain in this article the ways we men cry

Women show their pain mostly by shedding tears and stuff, but imma explain in this article
the ways we men crywhat we cry with, how we avoid crying.

This is basically for young men tho, LOL

1.Violence :

Most men execute their pain through anger, most of us prefer to break, destroy or beat up something,

rather than crying e.g sometimes when i’m pained or pissed, i break something or hit something,

or scream at the top of my voice, but deep down i’m actually crying, crying for help, wishing

for help and shit, kinda like a big baby LOL



This one is for ladies, y’all need to know when your boyfriend is crying, yeah he may seem so buff,

10 packs and shii, but ma nigga they cry. If you’ve done something and he’s all silent or walks out,

babe, he’s crying.. Most guys break up when they cry, not really cos they aint happy, yall need to

understand men, most of your boyfriends really keep up with your shit and they cry deep down, but it’s

cos they love you, Talk to your man, prevent an unneccesary break up LOOL



If There’s anything that can make men cry like a friggin lirru baby, nigga! its their mama, i don’t know

bout your various moms, but mine never used a cane on me, she needs just one hour with me, before

i know it, my shirt don flood. No matter how old you are, how buff you appear, mama’s words are

buffer than you TRUE!!!



This one i practice the most, when i’m pained or sumn, i start acting friggin happy, trying hard

to bury that pain, but baba deep down it’s hurting, i’m crying deep down. Then after all d joy,

back to my pain LOL!



I dont know if you do this, using music to cry LOL, Lets say it’s an emotional problem, that’s

when we turn on the ipod, find one bruno mars song or drake where we like in the same position e.g

Her world goes onnnn! We’ll now be screamin lyrics out like say tomorrow no dey!


6.Video games:

Yeah this one dey too, real men don’t cry when there’s consoles, when there’s “FIFA 13″

when there’s “Call Of Duty”, “Grand theft”, “Devil may cry”

Most times when guys are pained and shit, all they need to do is grab that pad, girls might not

understand this, but it works like magic, no matter how big the problem is “Call of duty” will

delete it, well at least for 30mins. I’d call this “Pain gaming” LOOL!



First Of all, Brokeness! This can do bad things to you, very bad things to anyone, it will make you, break you, finish you and shit, if the nigga isn’t crying, he aint broke yet, brokenness done make me sit down cry.



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