Get a Look at the World’s Most Expensive Diamond Chain

Posted: April 2, 2013 in News


That’s right, The Hundreds recently unveiled their collaboration with famous jeweler and IF & Co founder Ben Baller for this studded-out chain that will be debuting on season two of Ben Baller’s new reality show on the LOUD channel on YouTube.  Dubbed “The Hundreds by Ben Baller,”  the new chain weighs in at a whopping 26 kilos of 18k gold (including both the chain and pendant) and contains about 700 carats of diamonds, 16 solitaire 1-carat VS1 E color diamonds and 2090 brilliant round solitaire diamonds that range from .25 to .34 carats —everything is certified for VVS1 clarity and presented in a remarkable, achromatic D-grade coloration. How much does this bad boy cost you ask? Try a stunning $3,115,000.



  1. Willy Faithy says:

    This is stupidity

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