Basic Steps Of Life

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Article

1) Be yourself.

2) Never compare yourself with another YOU are YOUR success STORY.

3) Be original and authentic.

4) Always be thankful for what you have.

5) Be a good manager of your life.

6) Always have big dreams for yourself .

7) You learn more by listening and not by talking.

8) Never stop reading or learning .

9) When you reveal a secret you can count on someone telling three others.

10) Make people around you feel important.

11) Never expect much from people man do FAIL.

12) The world doesn’t owe you.

13) Be focused in what you do and love BEST.

14) Never give up.

15) Heal your past and forget about it .

16) Give yourself the respect you deserve.

17) Time Management.

18) Be generous

19) Have a close relationship with GOD

20) Most importantly PRAYER is the key

What makes me Happy is the SMILE I put on mine face and GOD

What about YOU? 😀

  1. God richly bless you,pray for an eruption of that seed inside u

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